Moonshine Drinks Brewing Kits
  • Moonshine Drinks Brewing Kits

Moonshine Drinks Brewing Kits

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  • Make a gut-busting 25 pints of beer in just two weeks!
  • No complicated instructions or equipment, just add water
  • Three exciting and delicious traditional ales to choose from
  • Won't result in violent explosions and unexplained blindness
  • Making ale at home has never been so gawd dayum easy


Everyone likes the idea of moonshine. Beavering away in a barnyard cellar under the cover of nightfall with bath tubs full of mad chemicals. It's naughty experimental booze. Crazed hillbilly DIY.

With these exceptional Moonshine Drinks Brewing Kits you can create three delicious real ales – without all of the precarious trial-and-error, violent chemical explosions and unexplained permanent blindness. Simply add water and a sachet of included "Moon dust" to the brewing bag and in just two weeks you'll be guzzling down a gut-busting 25 pints of beer.

There's three exciting flavours of ale to choose from:
  • Four Candles Bitter – a delectable British ale, not too light, not too dark, not too sweet and not too bitter
  • Cheesemakers Golden Ale – a pale, summery golden beer with a hint of citrus
  • Dark Adder – a dark, full bodied Ale with a strong malty taste
If only these kits were around in the 1920s, there's no expensive and cumbersome equipment required (which would no doubt be destined for your dusty attic anyway) – making ale at home has never been so gawd dayum easy.
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