Moonlight Cushion
  • Moonlight Cushion

Moonlight Cushion

Flashy cushion

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    Luxe white furry cushion

    Gently cycles through an array of hypnotic colours

    We’ve heard of soft lighting but this is ridiculous: an impossibly fluffy cushion that gently cycles through an array of hypnotic colours whenever you press it in the middle. Ingenious!

    Yes, fellow chillaxers, the Moonlight Cushion makes rival soft furnishings look positively boring. Put it on the sofa or bed and guests will think you’ve got a cushion full of those shimmering fluttery things from Avatar. It really is incredibly mesmerising. You can even use it as a reassuring night light for little ones.

    Moonlight Cushion

    Luxe white furry cushion

    Powered by a battery pack hidden inside a zip-up compartment, this squishy square’s low energy LEDs ensure the whole shebang is both bright and safe. Which is nice.

    When it’s not doing its glowy-showy thing, the Moonlight Cushion looks just like a luxe white furry cushion. And that means you can tap it, park your rear on it and pretend you’ve got a radioactive bum. Sit on that!

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