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Eternal flame? Nearly!

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    Real wax body with an LED light

    When is a candle not a candle? When it’s a Mooncandle, obviously. Set to revolutionise the world of ambient lighting (course there’s one) these long-lasting electronic candles use bulbs and batteries to replicate the flickering effect we all know and love. No matches required.

    Made from real wax, Mooncandles are already being used to add hassle-fee ambience in hotels and restaurants across the globe – hardly surprising because as well as looking ultra realistic, there’s no melting wax or potentially dangerous flame to contend with. You can even set them to flicker or remain motionless.

    Description Description Description

    Vanilla 3 Pack

    Set the timer and mode

    Flicker-mode like normal candles

    Best of all, Mooncandles are remote controlled (yes, really!) so you can place them in difficult to reach spots and activate them as if by magic. Off to bed? No problem, just set the auto timer. Brilliant!

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    Colour changing 2 pack

    Choose your colours

    Set to cycle through colours

    Ideal for kids’ parties, night time soirees, garden-based gatherings and more, there are two varieties of Mooncandle to choose from: vanilla scented and colour changing. The only real decision is where to bin your lighter.

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