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Moon Terrarium
  • Moon Terrarium
  • Moon Terrarium
  • Moon Terrarium
  • Moon Terrarium
  • Moon Terrarium
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Moon Terrarium

The light side of the moon

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Moon Terrarium
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  • The sleekest, sexiest home for succulents
  • Make your plants grow up big and strong
  • Recreate the perfect environment for your cacti
  • Make your windowsill look even better
  • Seriously easy to clean


Cacti not flourishing? Never fear, they’re probably just not digging that pot you put them in. Maybe they’ve outgrown it. Maybe they’re going through a rebellious teenage phase and traditional terracotta just isn’t cool enough for them anymore.

Decant them into this and watch them grow. This space-age terrarium creates the perfect environment for your succulent plants. You may not be able to give them the desert sun they crave, but you can definitely make the most of the rays you already get with this bad boy.

Simply replant your little green friend into it, maybe with a little new soil, then pop the bubble dome on top. The clear surface traps sunlight, heating the inside up like a little greenhouse. You can even unscrew it at any point if you think the plant needs a break.

Side note: the oil-slick effect doesn’t actually do anything special to the plants. It just looks cool. The best kind of feature.

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