Moon Dust (Lunar Soil Simulant JSC-1A)
  • Moon Dust (Lunar Soil Simulant JSC-1A)

Moon Dust (Lunar Soil Simulant JSC-1A)

Out of this world! (Almost)

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    In the not-so distant future mankind will conquer the Moon. And we’re not talking about landing there for a few hours to ponce about in a Banana Splits style buggy, plant a flag and play slo-mo golf. No siree, we’re talking about living and working there.

    Handheld Moon Dust

    In dust we trust

    But in order to realise this dream boffins must carry out countless tests on moon dust, to see how it reacts to building work, determine if oxygen can be extracted, discover how vehicles will traverse it and so on. The problem is eggheads require tons of the stuff and the Apollo astronauts only came back with a few measly bags. This is where Lunar Soil Simulant JSC-1A comes in.

    Close-up Moon Dust

    Not made of cheese, at all

    Developed to support NASA's future exploration and research of the lunar surface, this snazzily named stuff is the only NASA approved moon dust simulant in the universe. And now you can own your very own sample. Houston, we have a seriously unique collector’s item!

    If you think replicating moon dust is easy, consider this: it’s been peppered with cosmic rays, exposed to solar flares, battered by micrometeorites, shattered, vaporised and re-condensed innumerable times over billions of years. It’s even been stomped on by a few blokes wearing whopping great boots.

    Handheld Moon Dust

    One small box for man...

    Mined from a volcanic ash deposit located near Flagstaff, Arizona, JSC-1A has been precisely pounded by geoscientists until it is the exact consistency as the real thing. Indeed its chemical composition, mineralogy, particle size and properties are virtually identical.

    An out of this world gift for astronomy geeks and wannabe Buzz Lightyears, JSC-1A is presented in a smart sample jar along with accompanying info. But be warned: it is not a toy and you should never remove the dust; all the lunar astronauts had lung reactions to this stuff and it was almost impossible to brush off the seats in the lunar module. No, really.

    Stocks of this strange substance are strictly limited, so we strongly suggest you hit the Buy button before the entire lot gets snapped up by eager space cadets. It’s one small step for Firebox, one giant leap for lunar nerds!

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