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Kaleidoscopic critters

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    Mood Beams

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    Certain things in life are curiously captivating: open fires, tropical fish tanks, washing spinning round in the machine and, of course, George Galloway in a red leotard. But as far as ambient mood lighting goes we've never seen anything quite as mesmerising as Mood Beams.

    These strangely shapeless thingamabobs are set to take the world of collectable kaleidoscopic critters by storm. Not that such a world currently exists, but it soon will because Mood Beams have got cult written all over them!

    Tude Beams:
    Mood Beams





    Mood Beams

    Series 1: Silly

    Basically Mood Beams are a funky tribe of supremely portable, battery-operated characters that cycle through a spectrum of hypnotic colours. They're also sensitive to sound, so if you put them next to your radio or CD player they'll change colour in time to the beat of the music. It's like having a ravey light show emanating from within an amorphous Japanese cartoon character. Well, sort of.

    Mood Beams can be set to perform at five different speeds: Heartbeat, Rainbow, Strobe, Colour Dance and Colour Hold - simply set the mode to suit the mood. If you're reading this and wondering what possible reason you could have for inviting a Mood Beam into your life, allow us to explain. Mood Beams are inexplicably comforting, day or night, and they're ideal desktop companions or chill-out lights, especially at bedtime and bathtime.

    Series 3:
    Mood Beams





    Mood Beams Better still, although their cute, cartoon-esque faces are little more than dots and dashes, they're strangely adorable and you'll want to switch yours on every time you walk past it. Not that you'll do that much, because once you see a Mood Beam in action you'll never let it leave your side.

    There are various Mood Beams to collect - and now there are Tude Beams too! Loaded with attitude, these cutesy companions are seriously wacky and, just like their Moody partners, sport unique facial expressions that will melt your heart the second you clap eyes on 'em. In fact, talking of moods, why not put yourself in a fantastic one right now and get ordering.

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