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Monte Alban Worm Mezcal
  • Monte Alban Worm Mezcal

Monte Alban Worm Mezcal

Give your friends worms

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    Worm close-up

    Plenty of worms to go around!

    Never heard of Mezcal? Well how about Tequila? Ah, now you’re with us! For the uninitiated, Mezcal was the spirit that inspired Tequila. Distilled from the agave plant in Mexico by the Spanish conquistadors, Mezcal has been causing worrying gaps in people’s memories for over 500 years. And it was the makers of Mezcal who first added a worm to every bottle.

    Previously living on the agave plant, the booze-soaked worm is said to boost the strength (and libido) of anyone daft enough to eat it. We’re not sure if it’s true, but it seems a shame that this opportunity is limited to just one person per bottle. Which is why we’re offering this authentic Mexican Monte Alban Worm Mezcal with an extra miniature bottle of worms! So now everyone can join you as you toast the original (and best) Mexican tipple. Down the hatch!
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