Monopoly Nostalgia
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Monopoly Nostalgia

Hurrah for capitalism!

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    Close up of the vintage cards

    Vintage cards

    In these times of unfair bankers’ bonuses and economic meltdown it’s easy to think of these problems as something new. But they’ve been going on for years! And this reissue of classic Monopoly is testament to that. Just take a few trips around the board and you’ll realise that even back in 1904 when the game was invented, outrageous fortune, dumb luck, hostile takeovers and crippling bankruptcy were just as rife. Hurrah for capitalism!

    Monopoly Nostalgia includes the original (or as close as possible) board layout; and vintage Chance, Community Chest and Title Deed cards. The money has even been specially aged and the classic playing pieces are presented in cast bronze. The whole set comes in a suitably austere wooden box with a built-in banker’s tray.


    Classic hotels

    It’s a brilliant gift for anyone from the high-flying exec to the financial numpty in your life. The set even comes with a history of the game – not that there’s any chance we’ll learn from old mistakes... *mutters about bankers again*

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