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Monopoly Banking

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    When was the last time you paid for your house with cash? Exactly. Times have changed since the original Monopoly came out. Infact, the original game is now about as old hat as the old hat (or the old boot, or the old iron). So to bring it right up to date, the boffins behind it have created Monopoly Banking.

    Description Description Description

    Transfer money at the touch of a button

    New locations based on your favourite London landmarks

    No more top hat and iron - now it's roller blades and mobile phone!

    Gone are the folding paper notes – although we will miss those lovely £500s. Instead each player now has their own debit card. So you can forget having to shamefully count out your ones and fives, just swipe your card and carry on!

    The old metal tokens have been upgraded as well. So you can ditch the beaten up old sportscar and ride around town on a skate board, mobile phone or cheese burger. Now that’s more like it!

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