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Monocle Speaker

Sonic Sophistication

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  • A fresh and distinguished music-listening experience
  • Powerful 40mm sound drivers deliver first-rate sound quality
  • 3-in-1 Speaker, Handset, and Speakerphone
  • A massive five hours of playback time on a full charge
  • Brushed-metal speaker grill & soft-touch rubberised volume wheel


You've got an eye for detail and you want a speaker that focuses on style as well as sound quality. Well now you can feel like a bully gentleman from the future, whipping out your powerful hand-held boom box like it's an ostentatious eye-glass.

Lightweight and compact, the Monocle Speaker easily slips into a pocket or attaches to your belt or bag. Don't let its size fool you though, with 40mm sound drivers this little chap packs some real clout in the noise department. You can even gather your fellow sonic sophisticates and daisy chain your Monocles together for a more social listening experience.

The full duplex enabled microphone is perfect for VoIP applications; use it as a hands-free speaker phone or hold it to your mouth like a cheerful train-driver. With its brushed-metal speaker grill, soft-touch rubberised volume wheel and retro woven cord it truly is the perfect classy smartphone companion.

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