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MonkeyLectric LED Bike Light

Spin the light fantastic

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    Rugged and efficient, these high-performance lights will ensure you stay visible in all weather conditions. Of course, if all you want is to stay visible, just strap a torch to your head with some gaffer tape. With the MonkeyLectric LED Bike Lights you’ll be putting on a disco lightshow for everyone in the area.

    Fundamentally the same, the M210 version features 10 LED lights and 20 different themes, while the M232 adds a whopping 32 LEDs and 48 themes to your ride. Utilising the MonkeyFX system, each unit can be programmed to perform various shows, turning your spinning wheels into a surrealist piece of performance art. You can even have multiple units per wheel, and the multiple features mean each wheel can be be-spoke.

    When not in use, the MonkeyLectric unit is inconspicuous and won’t impact on your ride, but can be removed easily if necessary. Fantastic for festivals, night riders or anyone a bit bored with their bike, these LEDs make for some wheelie great light-art.

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