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Monitor Mirror

    Monitor Mirror

    You'll never look back

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      One of the great wrongs of the modern workplace is that your gaze is too often focused straight ahead into a screen bordered by porridge-coloured plastic. But, as big-game hunters, airline pilots and ninjas know only too well, it's important to have a grasp of one's entire surroundings. Providing just such an all-seeing service is the Monitor Mirror.

      Stick two of the four supplied Velcro pads to the corner of your monitor (one on the side, one on the top), and the other two to the inside of the Monitor Mirror. With its image-reflecting powers, that previously alien area of the office situated behind you is suddenly open to view. Quite simply, it's like having eyes in the back of your head.

      At the very least, the presence of the Monitor Mirror on your monitor will warn you of incoming missiles, or of unpleasant hand gestures being waved in your general direction. There are also plenty of pro-active uses, as well as the defensive ones. Before nipping into a meeting, the facility to quickly check for stray crumbs and ink smudges on your nose is an absolute Godsend.

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