Money Monster
  • Money Monster

Money Monster

'Money, money in my tummy. Uurp!'

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    Money Monster

    Yummy Yummy

    Monsters are renowned for eating pretty much anything: people, buildings, cookies, other monsters - you name it. But we've never heard of monsters that eat money. Until now.

    Gobble and MeMe Money Monsters are talkative little coin banks that 'eat' your shrapnel and folding whilst making hilariously daft comments. 'Money, money in my tummy. Uurp!'

    Money Monster

    Coining it in

    As well as encouraging kids and infantile adults to save their wonga, Gobble and MeMe will have you in stitches with their greedy soundbites. Simply drop in your coins or load in your banknotes and watch their eyes flash and their ears wiggle. 'Mmm...jingle-jingle in my belly!' And when they've said their piece, they'll let out an almighty burp. Which is nice.

    With over 20 hilarious sayings, you'll never tire of depositing your cash in their open gobs. And if you do, you can empty Gobble and MeMe and listen to their angry protestations: 'You make Gobble/MeMe angry!' They'll even heckle passers-by if they don't get their daily dose of cash.

    Ideal for savers of all ages, these freaky-looking gluttons are so lovable you'll be unable to resist feeding their habit every time you see them. If you're a real coin hoarder your mischievous money-grabber could quite feasibly pay for itself in one emptying session. ' tastes so good!'

    Money Monster

    Loadsa money!

    Rendering ungrateful piggy banks obsolete, Gobble and MeMe Money Monsters are destined to become the comedy cash receptacles of choice for fun loving savers everywhere. Banks might be more professional but you'd struggle to find a cashier who sings 'Money, money, money, in my tummy' to the tune of an Abba song every time you deposit a quid. And if that's not a great reason to get your mitts on our Money Monsters, we don't know what is. Uurp!

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