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For the love of money

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    Money Miser

    See the coin wraps fill up!

    Until the day plastic completely invalidates money we're stuck with cash. And that's pretty annoying because sorting out coins is no fun at all - unless you've got a few million of the clanky little things, in which case you should be paying someone else to sort them out for you. And there lies the paradox: how do you sort out all your coins when you've got better things to do? Easy, you buy the Money Miser.

    How it works:

    Money Miser

    Insert your change
    (a few at a time!)

    The coins are then sorted into the wraps

    Now you have neat piles of change!

    Money Miser

    Handy paper coin wrap!

    This idiot-proof motorized coin-sorting machine organizes change so that you don't have to. Simply feed in a handful of coins, press the button and voilà! The semi-automatic Money Miser sorts out your pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters and drops them directly into handy paper coin tubes. Fold the tube top and you're ready to go - to the bank, the arcade or your subterranean treasure vault. (Well, you never know).

    Money Miser

    The brains behind
    the sorting!

    Battery operated, the Money Miser is the perfect solution to all your coin-counting crises. Not as fancy as some of the more sophisticated sorters out there, but who cares about that when you've got several rolls of perfectly sorted coins in your pocket? Better still the Money Miser is a bargain - it will probably pay for itself after a few sorting sessions.

    Money Miser

    The box of coin wraps

    A great gift for anyone who's careful with money - okay, a tightwad - the Money Miser is one gizmo you'll use over and over again. In fact unless you're a super rich snob who never sullies pockets with coins, we can think of no good reason why you wouldn't want to hit the Buy button right now. Ker-ching!

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