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Momspit Cleanser

No water, no problem

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    MomSpit Cleanser

    Remember? Mum would get her hanky out and...

    Remember when mum used to lick a hankie and wipe your face with it? We do. It was last week after we slopped gravy around our gobs during Sunday lunch. With this time-honoured sink-free cleaning technique in mind, we decided to search for a take-anywhere cleanser capable of removing muck without water. And waddya know, we've found one.

    MomSpit Cleanser

    Momspit is at the ready!

    MomSpit is the nattily-named liquid cleanser that cleans like soap and water without the soap and water. Brilliant! Simply squirt a little into your hand and it instantly becomes a mousse that absorbs quickly and feels fantastic. No sink required.

    Formulated to prevent the spread of bacteria, MomSpit will clean, moisturise and lift your spirits within seconds. And unlike regular no-rinse sanitizers, it actually removes dirt and grease. Once you've tried it you won't believe how often you need it, especially if you've got kids.

    Momspit can tackle all sorts...

    MomSpit Cleanser

    Sticky ice-cream...

    messy doughnuts...

    and chocolate faces!

    MomSpit Cleanser

    Pack it with the essentials!

    Of course there's no real substitute for soap and water but this alcohol-free formulation is the ultimate alternative when you're out and about. You can even pop it in your pocket or slip it in your bag/briefcase. Try doing that with a bar of soap and a bucket of water. On second thoughts, don't; you could get in a real lather.

    Ideal for ketchup faces, petrol pump hands, crisp-flecked fingers, ice cream noses and countless everyday moments when your paws feel mucky, MomSpit is currently available in Lemon & White Tea - an irresistibly fresh fragrance that'll have you sniffing your mitts for all the right reasons.

    MomSpit Cleanser

    Handy at keeping you fresh!

    We believe MomSpit is destined to totally clean up (geddit?) in the no-rinse cleanser market. It really is in a league of its own. Try it and you'll never feel mucky again (well not in the traditional sense). And remember: it's not gel. It's not sanitizer. It's MomSpit!

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