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Momiji Dolls
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Momiji Dolls

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    Momiji Dolls

    NEW: Momiji dolls designed
    by Joanna Zhou

    We're all for blokey dolls but we still believe there's room for a touch of femininity in the world of über-cool collectables. So take a bow and say konichiwa to Momiji Dolls, an impossibly cute collection of message-bearing friendship dolls from the Land of the Rising Sun.

    Momiji Dolls

    Brighten up any desk!

    Cool as you like and covetable in a way only Japanese toys can be, these hand-painted beauties are set to take over the desks of designer doll fans everywhere. Why? Well for a start Momiji Dolls are beautifully crafted in heavyweight resin. Also, hidden inside every 8cm doll there is a tiny folded card for your own secret message. Forget about x-factor, Momiji Dolls have got awww-factor written all over them.

    Momiji Dolls

    Remove paper


    Write a secret


    Be friends forever

    Best of all each of these dainty little dolls comes with its own unique collectors' card and has its own take on life, so you can give them as gifts to suit specific situations. For example Thank You Momiji believes 'You have a big heart and I send to you many thank yous,' which is very sweet in a cute, lost-in-translation kind of way. Happyhappyhappy thinks 'Always when we're dancing, oh boy, I'm happy, happy, happy!' And that just about sums up the quirky, Tokyo-cool nature of Momiji Dolls.
    Momiji Dolls

    NEW Joanna Zhou Designs (L to R) Pinku, Papillon, Lolita

    Ideal as desktop companions, Momiji Dolls are already becoming seriously sought after in Japan. And just like sushi, circuit boards and satsumas we think they're going to go global in a big way.

    Momiji Dolls

    NEW Joanna Zhou Designs (L to R) Kitty, Sakura, Kogal

    We're currently have 6 new Momiji Dolls (Pinku, Papillon, Lolita, Kitty, Sakura and Kogal) all designed by Joanna Zhou. Stay tuned because even more generations are on the horizon and demand is sure to be high. In fact current stocks are limited, so get ordering and start spreading the love, Momiji style. Arigato and sayonara.

    Momiji Dolls

    (L to R) Happyhappyhappy, Dancedancedance, Laughing, Thank You

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