Summer Sale 2018
Moller Skycar M400
  • Moller Skycar M400

Moller Skycar M400

Roads are sooo last year...

Product not available at the moment.


    Once private air travel was the exclusive preserve of the rich and famous. Sadly, it still is, unless you happen to have the lion's share of half a million lying dormant in your bank account. The Skycar, though, has whipped the Firebox team into a collective frenzy with its vertical take off capability and vaguely enticing 380Mph top speed.

    Unlike previous prototype Skycars, the M400 can comfortably seat four people, making a day trip to the south of France with your mates the equivalent of a two-hour blast down the motorway. That's when it goes on sale, of course, which isn't just yet.

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