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  • Molkky


Fün in the Sün

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    Set the Mölkky skittles out and try to make exactly 50 points!

    Better known for Moomins and mobile phones, Finland is also the birthplace of Mölkky – the delightfully simple outdoor game that has just arrived on UK shores.

    This centuries-old game is made up of twelve chunky wooden skittles, each with its own number. Stand them up on any flat surface (whether it’s a patio, gravel, sand or grass) and try to knock them down with the extra throwing skittle. The aim of the game is to score exactly fifty points. But take care – score any higher and you’ll be knocked back down to twenty-five! Players take one throw at a time until someone scores exactly fifty points.

    Great for all ages, Mölkky is easy to pick up and even easier to pack up. A handy crate lets you store all of the bits in one place, ready for the next sunny day in the garden, or trip to the beach.

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