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Molecular Mixology Deluxe Kit

Cocktail Chemistry

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  • Transform your favourite cocktails into futuristic masterpieces
  • Easy-to-follow recipes that produce astounding results
  • Includes all the exciting additives and equipment you need
  • It’s not nearly as complicated as it sounds or looks
  • Recreate the mixology of the trendiest bars in your own home
There is so much more to making cocktails than just casually mixing alcohols with fruit juices. This Molecular Mixology Deluxe Kit includes all the additives and specialised tools you need, as well as a 30-recipe DVD that will teach you how to de-construct your favourite cocktails and transform them into futuristic masterpieces.
  • Encapsulate an entire Mojito within a large bubble that bursts and unleashes a refreshing torrent of flavours around your mouth.
  • Sculpt cocktail ingredients into tasty fragrant pearls to adorn your drinks or defy gravity itself and suspend fruits or molecular caviar within your beverages
  • Transform that classic Martini into a vibrant rainbow of edible layers or add a towering and tangy lime foam to the top of your tequila shots
Stay ahead of the curve and recreate the stylish drinking atmosphere of the most trendy cocktail lounges, all from the comfort of your home.

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