Modern Toss Royal Wedding Tea Towel
  • Modern Toss Royal Wedding Tea Towel

Modern Toss Royal Wedding Tea Towel

‘I now pronounce you clean and dry’

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Don't click for a large view of the main image if you're averse to foul language. This product is offensive.


    Close up of Mr Tourette

    Up to his old tricks again!

    Having the biggest day of your life satirised on a blinkin’ great tea towel is what every happy couple dreams about. What’s that? It isn’t? Well it’s a bit late to be telling us now because we’ve already bought a shipment of Royal Wedding Tea Towels from our sarky friends at Modern Toss.

    Yes, wedding watchers, this highly amusing dryer upper has been created for the memorabilia collector searching for something with an irreverent/distasteful twist. Depicting a royal wedding street party in all its drunken, vomity glory, it’s guaranteed to amuse and appal in equal measure. It’s also pretty good at drying dishes.

    Sling this over your shoulder as you hand out the sausage rolls at patriotic soirees and guests won’t know whether to applaud your biting sense of humour or accuse you of high treason and tip off Nicholas Witchell. It’s a win win situation any way you slice it. ‘I now pronounce you clean and dry.’

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