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Modern Toss Royal Wedding Mug
  • Modern Toss Royal Wedding Mug

Modern Toss Royal Wedding Mug

Royal weddings? They’re for mugs!

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    Front design

    Artwork on the front

    It’s a well known fact that the Royal Family™ love a good joke. Just look at Fergie. With this in mind, and with a royal seal of approval undoubtedly winging its way to Firebox HQ, allow us to present this highly irreverent commemorative mug.

    Brought to you by the satirical geniuses at Modern Toss, the thoroughly distasteful Royal Wedding Mug is a study in understated elegance and wit. Sort of. Featuring a charming picture of the happy couple and the unhinged witterings of a royal cynic, this bone china masterpiece is ideal for street parties, church fetes and patriotic gatherings up and down the country.

    Back design

    The unhinged witterings on the back!

    Sip from the Royal Wedding Mug on the big day itself and onlookers will know you take your tea (and your royal weddings) with a pinch of salt, a tongue in your cheek and a couple of extremely bitter sweeteners. Put the kettle on.

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