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Mock U Rappers
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Mock U Rappers

Rapper's delight!

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    You won't have seen anything as surreal as Mock U Rappers since all that dish-running-away-with-the-spoon business. But hey-diddle-diddle nursery rhymes have got nothing on the hilarious antics of these tree-dwelling critters.

    Mock U Rappers


    Mock U Rappers are bizarre creatures that transform recorded messages into laugh-out-loud raps. Simply leave a short message by speaking into the mic and these wacky hip hoppers will synthesize your voice and sing back your message in a rhythmic r-r-r-rap fashion, complete with three-part harmonies and backing beats. They even move their mouths in time to the words - which is more than can be said for the likes of 50 Cent.

    Mock U Rappers

    Press middle button in

    Record your message

    Watch them rap

    The idea is to record your message normal-styley so that your intended recipient hears it daft rap-styley. The possibilities are endless, from 'I love you' or 'Meet me in the pub' to 'Your dinner's in the dog.' Even memos such as 'You're binned, it's over' sound hilarious when regurgitated by a trio of rapping animals. Well, sort of.

    Mock U Rappers

    Cheeky Monkeys

    Sassy Birdies

    Funky Farmyard Animals

    Mock U Rappers

    Those cheeky monkeys

    Although your rapped-up message plays just once, you can record stuff over and over again for hours of comical correspondence. Put Mock U Rappers on your desk and we guarantee you'll spend all day finding out how they mangle your messages into total rap. Addictive? You betcha! Great fun for all the family, Mock U Rappers are available as Cheeky Monkeys, Funky Farmyard Animals and Sassy Birdies - yes, we know that sounds silly but P Diddy's hardly a cool name, is it? Besides, Mock U Rappers make great companions even without all the rapping business. Now if you'll excuse us we're about to leave a new rap for the cleaning lady. Word!

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