MobileDock Universal Dash Mount
  • MobileDock Universal Dash Mount

MobileDock Universal Dash Mount

Hold the phone

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    simple lock and release mechanism

    It's easy to lock the cradle using the simple mechanism

    If you’ve ditched your sat nav in favour of a shiny multitasking smartphone, you’ll need a handy place to keep it on those long car journeys into the unknown. Well the MobileDock Dash Mount is just such a place.

    With its patented super stick-and-grip suction cup, this deceptively simple gadget will grip to any hard surface in your car. Attach your phone and the adhesive-free grip technology will keep it in place, without leaving any gooey, gluey residue.

    But why just use it in the car? Since it’ll grip to any surface, the MobileDock Dash Mount is just as handy around the house. Browse for recipe ideas on your phone and stick it to the kitchen cupboard while you’re cooking. Or mount it on the bathroom tiles and watch movies while you’re in the tub. Or even stick it to your bedside table, to save you from knocking your phone on the floor as you fumble for the snooze feature.

    put the phone in the sticky cradle put on windscreen stick on dash

    Place your phone in the cradle

    Put the mount on the windscreen

    Alternatively, stick it on the dash

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