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Mobile Cinema DVD Projector
  • Mobile Cinema DVD Projector

Mobile Cinema DVD Projector

Pass the popcorn

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    Focus the picture

    The overall effect is pretty impressive

    Having a cinema in your house is quite the norm if you bathe in champagne, dry yourself with billion pound notes and keep a fleet of gold-plated Lear jets behind your volcano casino. But at the risk of sounding presumptuous, you don’t, do you? That’s why you need the Mobile Cinema DVD Projector.

    Designed with the f word in mind (that’s fun, potty mouth), this idiot-proof LED projector features an integrated DVD player and built-in stereo speakers. Simply plug it in, bung in a disc and gawp in wonder as it beams a quality image (up to 50”) on the wall. Papa-papa-papa-papa – yeah!

    Ideal for kids’ bedrooms, family get-togethers and movie night parties, the robust MCDVDP (catchy, eh?) uses clever LED technology, so power consumption is low and lamp life is long. And because it’s portable you can move it between rooms with ease. ‘Ratatouille is now showing in Cinema 4 (aka my bedroom).’ Proper numpties can even plug in a microphone for big screen karaoke sessions.


    Front and back view

    With its simpleton-friendly controls and toytown styling, the DVD Projector is not for all you pixel-counting tech anoraks out there. No, it’s for all you stay-at-home movie buffs looking for a portable escape hatch from the grim realities of 21st century life. Or for students who’ve had the telly repossessed. The point is it’s perfect for watching movies in a cinema-esque fashion without having to sit behind a row of popcorn-flicking asbos.

    Insert your DVD into the top Focus the picture Focus the picture

    Insert your DVD into the top

    Switch on the power and adjust
    the volume

    Focus the picture

    Speaking of cinema, once you’ve dimmed the lights and pressed play, the overall effect is seriously impressive. Tread hot dogs into the carpet and shove in a DVD of local curry house ads (what, haven’t you got one?) and the experience is uncannily realistic.

    Mobile Cinema DVD Projector

    Easy control panel: Play/Pause, Stop, Rewind/Subtitles, Fast Forward/Audio Language

    To add to the fun why not charge pals a tenner for a watered-down Coke. That way this brilliant projector will pay for itself in no time. Like they say at the flicks: The End.

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