Firebox 20th Birthday
Mobile Beer Bar
  • Mobile Beer Bar

Mobile Beer Bar

Beer and bangers on tap

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    fridge door close-up

    Refrigerator keeps your beer chilled

    Beer rules. Burgers rock. And as for bangers, well, we’re salivating all over ours as we type. But that’s not because we’re particularly hungry, it’s because the utterly astounding Mobile Beer Bar has just been wheeled into Firebox HQ. Paaaarty!

    Perfect for playboys, publicans, fancy-pants caterers, corporate event organisers and, of course, trustafarian students, this spectacularly OTT mobile (ish) contraption lets you pour beer in style thanks to an integrated beer pump that delivers ice cold lager via a pro tap.

    Impressed? You will be because it also boasts an ingenious on-board refrigeration system that keeps amber nectar at the ideal temperature for several hours, even if no power supply is available. Recession? What recession?

    integrated beer tap

    Pour amber nectar like a professional

    Built to your personal specification, the Mobile Beer Bar can be pimped to quite ludicrous proportions by way of an optional integrated gas canister-powered grill. Beer and blackened bratwurst? What’s not to love! Just get your slaves to load it into your gold-plated Winnebago and you’re away.

    Talking of decadence, as well as its beer dispensing genius and optional full-on grill, the Mobile Beer Bar provides storage for 8kg of ice and includes a waste liquids tray. It’s even got a glass washer (and before you ask, no, it’s not Megan Fox in a pair of Marigolds). They really have thought of everything.

    cooking on the gas grill

    Now we're really cooking!

    Wheel this stylish stainless steel behemoth into the garden or unveil it at a party and guests won’t know whether to grab a cold one, order a steak or curse your good fortune. Yes, we suppose you could buy a few tinnies, a bucket of ice and a portable tinfoil barbecue but a man of your calibre deserves so much more. All you need now are some mates – but don’t worry if they’ve deserted you in a fit of jealousy because if you can afford this baby you can always buy some more. Paaarty!

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