Mobi-DV H10
  • Mobi-DV H10

Mobi-DV H10

Pocket-sized powerhouse.

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    Remember when camcorders were cumbersome, shoebox-sized hunks of plastic with tapes the size of paperbacks? If you do, you'll also remember how amazed you were when boffins finally managed to reduce the cameras to the size of the tapes. Then of course someone reduced the size of the tapes and the entire "let's shrink the camera to the size of the format" process started over again. Thankfully, in this brand new millennium camcorders don't require tapes at all, and for this very reason they're getting smaller and smaller at an astonishing rate. But, as the saying goes, size isn't everything; it really is what you do with it that counts. And the clever people at Axisoft really have done something pretty amazing with their latest offering.

    MobiDV H10: animation

    multiple angles and flash

    The supremely chic MobiDV H10 is one of the most stylish and compact multifunctional camcorders in the world. As well as taking stills and movies (utilising high-compression MPEG-4 file format), the rechargeable H10 is also an MP3 player and voice recorder. So now you can use just one super-slim piece of equipment to take high quality stills and movies, listen to music and record memory-jogging memos. Genius!

    MobiDV H10: self=portraits

    great for self-portraits

    Despite its modest dimensions, the H10 is brimming with features, including a 1.5" TFT display that remains visible in the toughest of outdoor conditions, a 4X zoom function, a shake/vibration control, a super bright built-in LED spotlight and a 230° rotating lens that allows you to shoot from 7 angles. The SD Card slot lets you expand your memory storage up to 256MB. The Mobi does not have any onboard memory so you might want to buy a bundle with an SD Card, unless you already have some kicking around!

    MobiDV H10: expansion slot

    Expandable memory

    What's more, this innovative sliver of designer digital magic is extremely user-friendly and makes bulkier competitors look seriously last century in the style stakes. We know what you're thinking - but no, despite its brilliance the H10 isn't ludicrously expensive. In fact you get lights, cameras, action, music, memos and much, much more for under £180! And if that doesn't turn you onto the wonders of handheld digital moviemaking, nothing will.

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