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Mobi Cap
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Mobi Cap

Does my phone look big in this?

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    These days there are so many ways to jazz up your mobile phone it's difficult to keep track. Hi-tech headsets, comedy ringtones, saucy screensavers, funny fascias - the list is endless, but also a bit naff. That's why we thought we'd hunt down a mobile accessory that bucked the trend. Something with a little more style and substance. Having searched high and low we thought our luck was out when low and behold one of our product scouts bounded into the office wearing a Mobi Cap.

    Mobi Cap This soon-to-be must-have mobile accessory doesn't allow you to make cheap calls from Botswana, or even emulate the sound of a mental frog on a motorbike. What it does do is allow you to wear your mobile around your neck whilst protecting it from the rigours of daily life. And best of all, it's knitted!

    Mobi Cap

    Mobi Cap That's right phone fans, the funky little Mobi Cap is soft, cosy and lovingly crafted. Just like that jumper Auntie Flo made you all those years ago. The difference is you'll actually use this, because unlike other trendy-for-a-nanosecond phone holders we think the Mobi Cap is going to be the accessory of choice for phone-loving fashionistas everywhere.

    What's more its handy hook and strap mean you can actually wear your phone - ideal for those of us who spend our lives fumbling around in pockets and bags for ringing phones, only to find them the moment the person on the other end hangs up.

    Mobi Cap The Mobi Cap is also a great way to keep your beloved moby warm and snug, as recent tests have revealed that phones are now so technologically advanced they can actually feel the cold. All right, we made that up. But the fact is your mobile is probably the most treasured piece of kit about your person, so don't you think it deserves a comfy home? After all, would you want to spend your life shoved in a pokey pocket littered with lint, grubby coins and scrunched-up tissues? Exactly.

    Mobi Cap

    Mobi Cap represents a fun but functional two-fingered salute to all the poncey hi-tech accessories out there. And unless they start making mobiles shaped-like watermelons it's pretty much futureproof. So order now or forever hold your peace. And your phone!

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