Mobee Magic Charger
  • Mobee Magic Charger

Mobee Magic Charger

Charging your magic mouse, wirelessly

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    Placing Magic Mouse on the Base station

    Place on the base station to charge

    Never change the batteries in your Apple Magic Mouse again! Just sit it on the Mobee Magic Charger. This super slim dock will instantly detect your mouse and begin charging it – wirelessly.

    Thanks to induction charging technology, you don’t have to plug your mouse in. Simply fit it with Mobee’s specially designed battery pack. Then all you need to do is sit the mouse on The Magic Charger and it’ll automatically start to recharge. Just like, well... magic!

    Battery pack

    Additional Battery pack available

    The battery pack will provide up to six days of use before it’ll need to be recharged. So you can easily take your wireless mouse out of the office for a few of days without worry. But then, at only 9mm thick, you might as well take the Magic Charger with you!

    A full charge should take around 6 hours, making it the perfect place to leave your mouse at the end of the day. Connecting to any USB port, this sleek dock looks great on any desk or workstation. What better way to charge your wireless mouse, than wirelessly?

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