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Mo-Go Emergency Mobile Phone Charger

    Mo-Go Emergency Mobile Phone Charger

    Power up your phone wherever you are

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      All mobile phone owners, at some time or another, will forget to charge their phone. This phenomenon usually happens when the phone is really needed, with no way of obtaining or borrowing a charger to restore power. But a Mo-Go changes all that. Small enough to keep in a drawer, bag, glove compartment or pocket, a Mo-Go will give you about a working-day's-worth of standby, or up to 50 minutes of talk time, depending on your phone.

      Or, if it's not a work day, the three AAA batteries in the Mo-Go will give you enough power to co-ordinate vital pub or turnstile meetings, confirm or refuse hot dates and pass on crucial information. There's also a little torch on the Mo-Go, so that you can dial in the dark (or use it much as you would any other miniature torch).

      Other portable chargers use square batteries or a wind-up mechanism as their source of power - both of which are less-than-handy methods. Every shop that sells batteries is virtually guaranteed to sell them in the AAA size, so white-rhino-rare is the time when you can't use the Mo-Go whenever you want. It's a brilliant soloution to a problem that affects most of us.

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