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Missile Launcher

    Missile Launcher

    The ultimate R/C weapon of Nerf destruction

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      Einstein once said: 'I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones.' Profound stuff (with Yoda-style wordplay to boot), but clever old AE obviously hadn't considered the multiple advantages of Nerf warfare. After all, being smacked in the face by a squishy Nerf missile is preferable to being cuffed by a lump of radioactive concrete any day of the post-apocalyptic week.

      With this in mind, may we proudly present the mighty Missile Launcher. This chunkily unsubtle R/C vehicle is armed with a whacking great multiple Nerf missile launcher that rotates independently of its suitably macho, camouflage-clad chassis.

      The Missile Launcher may look cumbersome but as well as moving forwards, backwards, left and right, it will clamber effortlessly over dastardly obstacles and up steep inclines, up to 30° steep, to be precise!

      A natty military style radio unit controls this caterpillar-clad behemoth, simply manouver into the desired strategic position, rotate the launcher to line up your target, press the Fire button and cackle manically as said target cowers under a devastating volley of Nerf missiles!

      Take it from us, it takes a fair amount of skill and dexterity to get all 10 missiles into one upturned bin, but if you can't hit your target you can simply cheat and fire all ten missiles together. And if you do end up nerfing someone by mistake, just steer Missile Launcher into the nearest cupboard, deny all knowledge of its existence and claim that you don't own any toys of mass destruction.

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