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MissChief's Forfeit Cookies

    MissChief's Forfeit Cookies

    Party forfeits encased in deliciously decadent chocolate wafers. No, really!

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      Looking for something to pass the time after dinner? For naughty chocolate, try Roulette Chocolate, or why not Bop It (and you make your own forfeits).

      Unless you're a keys in the ashtray kind of person, dinner parties can be decidedly dull. Fair play, the old "famous person's name stuck to your forehead" game is still quite amusing, but why oh why does someone always choose to be Hitler, Muhammad Ali or Marilyn Monroe? Thankfully help is now at hand in the shape of MissChief's Original Forfeit Cookies™. Based on the idea of fortune cookies, these deliciously decadent treats are made from an Italian sugar curl wafer, generously dipped at either end in Valrhona's fine French chocolate.

      A cookie, yesterday

      Contained in each cookie is a mischievous forfeit that must be obeyed as closely as circumstances - and your own sense of dignity - permit. There are singing dares, acting dares, dancing dares, drinking dares and good old make a total fool of yourself dares.

      Cookie broken open

      As well as individual forfeits, there is also a group forfeit designed to test your mettle as a unit. The chic, cigarette style box allows easy access to the cookies and makes the whole nail-biting process a bit like drawing straws.

      A fortune...

      Forfeit cookies really are a scream and we guarantee your guests will be talking about them long after they've grown tired of slating your cooking, gossiping about mutual friends and questioning your taste in music. In fact, with these cookies we really are spoiling you!

      MissChief's Intimate Forfeit Cookies New MissChief's Intimate Forfeit Cookies:
      MissChief's Intimate Forfeit Cookies are a seductive confection of Italian sugar curls dipped in finest single origin dark chocolate. Encased in each is one of a hundred forfeits guaranteed to add spice to the most intimate of evenings. Contains 8 Forfeit Cookies.

      New MissChief's Hen Night Forfeit Cookies New MissChief's Hen Night Forfeit Cookies:
      MissChief's Hen Night Forfeit Cookies are a decadent confection of Italian sugar curls delicately dipped in finest single origin dark chocolate. Encased in each one is one of hundreds of forfeits that will challenge the complacency of any hen night guest and entertain the whole party. Contains 12 Forfeit Cookies.

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