Mirja Digital Folding Scales
  • Mirja Digital Folding Scales

Mirja Digital Folding Scales

Splay and weigh

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    scale shot

    Folds up into a small cylinder

    Thanks to Roger Moore, we know 007 can whip up a mean quiche when he needs to (who knew?). But what kind of gadgetry must lurk in a super spy’s kitchen cupboards? Laser pizza cutter? Perhaps. Bullet-proof waffle iron? Maybe. Mirja Digital Folding Scales? Definitely.

    Because this incredible set of scales will weigh up to 3kg; and yet folds up smaller than a pepper grinder when you don’t need it. Simply unfold the satin-finished legs, place a bowl or container on the central disc and zero the LCD screen. Presto! You have a working set of scales.

    hooked stand

    Comes with a wire hanging cage

    When you no longer need it, the Mirja’s legs fold together to form a single, easy-to-store cylinder. No room in the cupboards? Slide it into the supplied wire cage and you can hang it from a utensil rail or even a cupboard door – so it’s always on hand when you need it. We reckon Q would approve.

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