Miracle Fruit Tablets
  • Miracle Fruit Tablets

Miracle Fruit Tablets

Bittersweet symphony

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    Sucking a lemon and washing it down with a glass of vinegar makes about as much sense as ordering a tripe milkshake with your tuna doughnut. But what if you could make wincingly sour flavours taste deliciously sweet? It's easy with Miracle Fruit Tablets.

    Miracle Fruit Tablets

    The Miracle Berry

    Made from natural berries native to West Africa, these taste-twisting pills contain a rogue glycoprotein molecule (whatever that is) that binds to the tastebuds causing sour things to taste sweet. Simply pop one on your unsuspecting tongue, wait for the freeze-dried jungle juice to work its magic and prepare to be astounded. Lemons taste like toffee-ish lemonade, vinegar tastes treacly and Guinness tastes like a stouty, chocolately shake. Even sprouts seem fruity. Eat something sweet and it's like a sugar volcano erupting in your gob. Incredible!

    Miracle fruit tablets

    Miracle Fruit Tablets


    Tastes like toffee!

    Each pill rewires the way your palate perceives flavours for up to two hours, so you've plenty of time to try tons of previously unpalatable things, from raw radishes to neat Tabasco. The possibilities are endless, the sensations amazing. Even foodie sceptics are going gaga over these taste-distorting tablets.

    Miracle Fruit Tablets

    Taste-twisting Tablets

    Ideal at dinner do's, Miracle Fruit Tablets are causing a major stir across the pond. 'Flavour tripping parties' - where daring epicures gather to pop pills and nosh on unlikely food - are all the rage in New York. The whole thing really is berry bizarre.

    Apart from their 'look what I'm eating without wincing, putting my hands on my head and crossing my legs like Benny Hill used to' comedic value, Miracle Fruit Tablets can help satisfy sugar cravings without any calorific consequences.

    Indeed conspiracy theorists reckon the sugar industry tried to sabotage research into miracle berries back in the 70s. But they also reckon Elvis stacks shelves in the Co-Op in Luton, so we'll keep an open mind. Crazy theories aside, we really can't overstate how mind-blowing these strange little pills are. But, as you can imagine, demand is nuts and stocks are limited. So get ordering. Sweet.

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