Minipod Speakers

    Minipod Speakers

    Sounds that look amazing, and vice versa

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      It's all well and good making something as desirable to look at as a Minipod, but the innards have to match the outer skin to justify the outlay. Thankfully, Blueroom (an offshoot of speaker bods B&W, a massive name in the sound-making business) have fitted out their revolutionary ABS plastic shells with a hugely impressive speaker. If you need the spec, look at the small print below.

      All you really need to know is that they’ll take anything up to a 100W amplifier and sound magnificent whatever is powering them. Their curves keep speaker noise at a minimum, even when banging out the tunes at full pelt (although they’re not powerful enough to drive your warehouse parties, they easily operate at top volume and fill a room). Nor is there any shaking on the sputnik spikes if you stand them on a sturdy surface.

      Minipods are attracting the right kind of attention for their style and performance, and deservedly so. Even the tiredest of music systems is given a cutting-edge kick up the backside with these superb speakers connected to it. Your friends may even think twice before slagging off your musical tastes if the sounds come belting out of a pair of these…

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