Summer Sale 2018
Minimoto Origami

    Minimoto Origami

    Ridiculously rapid miniature motorbike pocket rocket!

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      The original Blata MiniMoto bikes proved extremely popular with the adrenaline-junkie speed-demons among you, so we are delighted to present the magnificent and ridiculously fast Blata Minimoto Origami B1. With 15 Horsepower and a top speed of 50MPH, the B1 is the bike of choice for those who are serious about their Minibike racing. Start off on one of these and before you know it you'll be the next Carl Fogarty!

      Origami B1: power plant

      Powered by a 39cc single-cylinder two-stroke petrol engine, the B1 is intended for use on a paved racing circuit and should only be ridden by experienced riders. This is a thoroughbred machine for competitive racing. In other words, don't buy one thinking you can pootle around in your back yard or garden - that would be like cracking nuts with a sledgehammer, or cutting your toenails with a scythe, or...well, you get the picture.

      Origami B1: disc brakes

      Although it might be diminuitive, don't be fooled into thinking that this is a mere 'toy' bike, the specification and attention to detail throughout is extremely high, featuring discs brakes at front and rear, a liquid-cooled engine, and a beautifully welded high-tensile steel tubing frame. The engine is fitted with an air filter and silencer, and transmission is via a chain drive whose ratio can be changed by replacing the rear sprocket wheel. The B1 is fully automatic (which is just as well, as you won't want to be toeing through the gears this close to the deck!)

      Origami B1: fairing

      We can't overemphasize quite how adrenalin-inducingly awesome this mighty micro machine is - 50MPH might sound fairly nippy, but when your backside is mere inches from the tarmac this kind of speed takes on a whole new meaning, as anyone who has been karting will attest. Minibike racing is growing in popularity at racetracks across the country, and when there are machines as drop-dead gorgeous as the B1, its easy to see why!

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