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Minimee Keychain
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Minimee Keychain

Take on me

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    From this

    Send us a clear headshot photo.
    We need to see the face clearly
    like a passport photo, and you must tell us the eye colour.

    Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have a miniature version of yourself dangling next to your keys? Unless you’ve been eating toadstools soaked in absinthe, probably not. But that’s only because you’ve never heard of Minimee Keychains. Until now…

    Made to order, these individually crafted, slightly manga-esque dolls are set to become the keyring accessories of choice for narcissistic curio fans everywhere, as they depict – wait for it – you!

    That’s right, simply send us a photo (and tell us eye colour) and Minimee’s team of skilled artists will get busy creating a comedy mini you. Think of them as 3D versions of those amusing caricatures you get at the seaside minus the sniggering onlookers.

    If vanity is not your thing, Minimee Keychains make brilliantly unique pressies for friends and family. Simply pilfer a photo of the person you want immortalised in plastic and leave the rest to us. You can even send in a pic of a celeb. Just think, you could have Brucie in your pocket, Cheggars dangling from your phone and Posh in your purse. If you want.

    Here's some we had made earlier...

    Although the body of each Minimee is fairly generic, their oversized heads will more than compensate for any physical disparity. You’ll be amazed (and quite possibly peeved) by the likeness. And strange though it sounds, there is something reassuring about carrying a comedy clone in your pocket. That’s me, that is!

    Please don't...

    Send us a photo create your caricature MiniMee Keychain is created

    Don't send blurry/out of focus images

    Don't obstruct your face
    or pull faces

    Don't send group shots.
    We won't know which is you

    They say everyone has a double somewhere in the world, and yours could soon be dangling from your keychain. See that little doll on those keys? That’s you, that is!

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