Minibru French Press Coffee Mug
  • Minibru French Press Coffee Mug
  • Minibru French Press Coffee Mug
  • Minibru French Press Coffee Mug

Minibru French Press Coffee Mug

Take the Plunge

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  • Brew the perfect single cup of French Press coffee
  • 3 minutes from coffee-withdrawal hell, to caffeine-wired heaven
  • Wave goodbye to stone-cold pots of java
  • Quick & easy to clean ready for your 17th coffee of the day


Coffee-connoisseurs the world-over are unanimous (probably) in agreement that French Press coffee is the King of all brewed beverages; forget freeze-dried supermarket poison, the ground bean reigns supreme. Annoyingly though, for something so popular in all corners of the globe since the 15th Century, preparing a pot of delectable liquid energy is often a laborious drain on valuable time (your time is VERY valuable). Enter the Minibru Coffee Mug, the perfect partner to kick-start your day with ease.

With the Minibru you never have to experience the humiliation of not being able to find enough friends to partake in the ritual of drinking French Press coffee from one of those gigantic pots. The ingenious Minibru works just like a French Press pot but was made with just you, wonderful you, in mind. That’s because the Minibru brews a single, perfect serving of French Press coffee, right in the cup.

Making your delicious solo mug of java couldn’t be easier. Simply fill the Minibru to the lower fill line with ground coffee and pour hot water up to the upper fill line. Leave your caffeine creation to sit there and brew for 2-3 minutes, insert the included filter and gently push downward until your beverage is filtered to perfection. Cleaning is a doddle too, the Minibru Mug itself is made of glass so can go straight in the dishwasher whilst the filter and gasket will be ready for action again after a quick rinse.

The Minibru Coffee Mug is guaranteed to make your day more productive.*

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  • "An amazing compact gadget for work."
    Reece - 30th of September, 2015