Mini Vectron Ultralite

    Mini Vectron Ultralite

    Next generation flying toy

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      Please note: This is the OFFICIAL Mini Vectron Blackhawk (as seen on TV in the Firebox documentary) - beware of cheap low quality imitations!

      The Vectron Blackhawk - the classic indoor spinning UFO - has consistently been one of our best-selling radio controlled toys over the last few years. The Vectron only had only one drawback: it was mains powered, and so the UFO and controller were tethered by cables. The Mini Vectron Ultralite is the brand new successor to the Blackhawk and solves both these problems: it is smaller, battery powered and completely wireless - creating the ultimate in indoor UFO havoc!

      The Mini Vectron's high-efficiency motor and counter-rotating body system provides lift and rotational stability. You control the Mini Vectron's height via the handheld Infra-red controller - fly up, down & hover by simply squeezing the one-button trigger with varying pressure. (Please note: residual air currents in the room will dictate left-right & forward-back movement).

      The secret to the Mini Vectron's power source lies in the Launch Pad which cunningly doubles as a Charging Station, powering the Vectrons onboard 100mA Ni-MH rechargeable battery.

      The Mini Vectron charges in around 10 minutes, giving up to 3 minutes of flying time. With a bit of practice you'll be taking off, hovering and landing like an expert.

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