Mini Tape Gun
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Mini Tape Gun

Tape That!

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    Wrapping gifts can be fist-bitingly frustrating, especially when you’re wrestling with a roll of sticky tape. Because aside from its intended purpose, this infuriating stuff is great at causing scissors to vanish, tempers to fray and teeth to grind. So why not make it easy for yourself with the Mini Tape Gun.

    Mini Tape Gun Mini Tape Gun Mini Tape Gun

    It's a wrap!

    Mini size!

    Serrated cutting blade

    This nifty gizmo is a mini version of the walloping great guns used to dispense jumbo rolls of packing tape, but it’s designed to accommodate standard sized rolls of sticky tape. Brilliant, and no more trips to the dentist following frenzied tape-gnawing sessions. You’ll wonder how you ever managed without one. That’s when you’re not pretending it’s a pistol.

    Mini Tape Gun

    Dark Blue, Green, Light Blue, Purple

    Unlike standard desktop dispensers, the Mini Tape Gun lets you dispense and cut perfect lengths of tape with one hand, so you can hold down pesky corners without hollering for help. You can even use your spare hand to order stuff from Firebox while you wrap previous orders. See, everyone’s a winner!

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