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Mini Stylophone Keychain
  • Mini Stylophone Keychain

Mini Stylophone Keychain

Keys for your keys

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    Detail close-up

    Honey I shrunk the Stylophone!

    Famously touted by a very enthusiastic Rolf Harris back in the 70’s the Stylophone went straight to the top of three million Christmas lists. Oh how our parents regretted that decision. Because these unputdownable electronic warblers can make the most appalling racket in the wrong hands.

    Touching the stylus to one of the nickel keys completes a circuit, creating a unique tone. Each key creates a different tone, giving you a miniature synthesiser keypad in the palm of your hand. Or should we say pocket? Because this Mini Stylophone Keychain is so small you can take it anywhere with you.

    Just as fiendishly playable as the original, this miniaturised classic lets you knock out glorious electro synth-pop classics wherever you are. Announce your entrance to a room, play along to the radio, tune up your singing voice, or just give it to the musically-challenged person in your life.

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