Mini Pro Elite Wireless PS3 Controller
  • Mini Pro Elite Wireless PS3 Controller

Mini Pro Elite Wireless PS3 Controller

Less is more

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    glow detail

    Glowing buttons for evening gaming

    You’ve honed your gaming skills to set you apart from the crowd, now buy yourself a controller to match. The first thing you’ll notice about the Mini Pro Elite PS3 Controller, aside from the vibrant blue finish and glowing buttons, is the size. It’s smaller than a standard PS3 controller, which should appeal to hardcore gamers and novices alike – jumping from button to button is that little bit faster, which makes all the difference in the heat of the moment. The glowing shoulder buttons are within easy reach and the thumb sticks have even been inverted. Well, most gamers invert their in-game controls anyway, why not have it as standard?

    professional detail

    Inverted thumb stick and pad

    Dual rumble motors and motion sensing technology have also been built into the compact controller, making this an incredibly versatile and responsive piece of kit. And it even comes with its own recharging cable for topping up the juice between games. So the next time your friends call in for a little multiplayer action, give yourself the edge with this stylish controller upgrade. Oh yes, then decimate them with your awesome skillz.

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