Mini Phlat Ball

    Mini Phlat Ball

    Disc that thinks it's a ball

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      Mini phlat ball packaging

      Transforming into a different object, mid-flight, sounds like the sort of thing you would expect a UFO from the Planet Hong Kong Phooey to do. But it is actually a feat performed by the incredible Mini Phlat Ball.

      This award-winning park plaything is guaranteed to amuse and confuse everyone who claps eyes on it, as it changes from a 5.5" Frisbee-style disc to a 4" ball when it is chucked through the air - so you throw a disc but catch a ball. Amazing!

      So what causes this bizarre transformation to occur? Well, basically, the Phlat Ball is formed into a disc by squeezing down the middle to set the time delay (a kind of internal suction cup-style affair). When the middle pops apart in mid-air the whole shebang transforms into a ball.

      With its waterproof easy-grip exterior the Phlat Ball is great for seaside shenanigans and British summers. And because it can be squeezed into a flat object it's seriously portable. Just think, with a Phlat Ball by your side you won't have to choose between your ball or your Frisbee; this dual-personality plaything is a bit of both.

      If you're looking to bolster your collection of weird and wonderful outdoor playthings (and who isn't?), the Mini Phlat Ball is a must-have item, as it is one of the strangest but most entertaining chucking toys we've ever seen (and we've seen 'em all). When is a ball not a ball? When it's a Phlat Ball, of course. Ready, steady, catch!

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