Mini On The Go Manicure Kit
  • Mini On The Go Manicure Kit
  • Mini On The Go Manicure Kit
  • Mini On The Go Manicure Kit

Mini On The Go Manicure Kit

Gel in 60 seconds

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  • On the go mini LED Lamp
  • Compact, mobile and easy to use
  • Works with any nail polish of your choice
  • Nails did in 60 seconds


'Emergency' Mini On The Go Manicure Kit. Word of warning, never leave home without it, or you'll rue the day.

Picture the scene.

That guy/gal you've exchanged countless inane messages with, for what seems like an eternity has finally agreed to a face to face meeting, to discover, whether or not - hope against hope, there's the remotest of sparks in the real life as opposed to the cyber one.

The annoying thing is, it must be tonight. You look OK for a school night, but another 24 hours would have made all the difference. However, seize the day, year of yes and all that nonsense, means that tonight's the night, so deal with it.

At least you have your trusted make-up bag, so you can reapply in the girl's loos and a quick spritz of the communal deodorant - should do the trick.

That is until you catch sight of your nails. If you can call them that. They're bad. Really, really bad. Unloved, unkempt and deserve to be put down. One look at the state of your nails and that swipe right will be the quickest to-the-left in dating history. Why me? Why tonight? Why no gel kit?!

This entire nightmare scenario could have been avoided with the aid of the Mini On The Go Manicure Kit. It gives any polish that look and feel of a gel, anytime, anyplace, anywhere. This truly is a girl's best friend, in times of a nail emergency. It's small, compact and will fit into your pocket, ready for use on the go and at a moment's notice.

What could be simpler? Paint on your favourite nail polish, wait for it to dry, apply the gel touch top coat place fingers under the LED Lamp and cure for 60 seconds then wipe clean with a cleansing wipe, et voila- crisis averted perfect gel nails.

Crisis is perhaps too strong a word, but make no mistake - this is a big deal.

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