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Mini Karaoke Microphone

Singalong selfies

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Mini Karaoke Microphone
Love it as much as we do?
  • Instant karaoke in the palm of your hand
  • Just plug into your smartphone and sing your heart out
  • Compatible with most karaoke and voice recording apps
  • Makes phone calls and recording memos infinitely more fun
  • Feel like a giant news reporter when you hold it
No longer do you have to book a room at the back of a Chinese restaurant or put your name down and wait 2 hours to sing at a pub. The Mini Karaoke Microphone puts karaoke in the palm of your hand – well, between your fingertips.

This diminutive device plugs straight into your smartphone and comes with an additional jack so you can plug in your headphones and listen to the music while you're singing. It works with most karaoke apps but after (very) extensive "testing", our customer service team recommend Wurrly. Cringe-worthy Professional video evidence to follow shortly...

When you're not recording singalong selfies, the mini mic can also be used to make phone calls infinitely more fun.

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