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Mini-K MP3 Player

    Mini-K MP3 Player

    Phone friendly phonic fun!

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      There are a lot of mini MP3 players on the market these days and most of them follow the formula of shiny, silver and sticklike. The Mini-K is a little different. As well as having vast appeal to those of us who like our music, it's also a curvy object desire for those of who hanker after that slinky, tactile black rubber look. And that would be all of us, right?

      The Mini-K isn't clad in actual rubber, rather a rubber-effect plastic, so we advise you don't drop it onto tiled floors in order to test its shock-absorbing properties, use it to erase your homework, or take it scuba-diving - it will only end it tears. But it looks funky and feels great nestled in the palm of your hand.

      mini-K in hand

      Only about the size of a matchbox, it'll slip into even the most cramped pocket like a well-oiled old friend and the cunning mobile link cable means that when your phone rings, you hear it on the Mini-K: no more tapping your feet and daydreaming about headlining Brixton Academy while your important phone calls go unnoticed (except to irritated fellow commuters, perhaps).


      The Mini-K's earphones include an integrated microphone, so you can use them as a handsfree kit, before ending the call and slipping back into the soundscape of your choice. Your friends and acquaintances will surely be humbled by such a cutting-edge display of technological 'convergence'.

      screen closeup

      With 64MB of memory, there's space for up around 25 MP3 tracks, or if you encode in WMA at 64Kbps, rather than 128, you can shoehorn twice that number onto the Mini-K, more than enough to keep you entertained for a day or so. Ultra low power consumption means you get around 12 hours of tuneage from 1 x AAA battery. Connecting the player to your PC and transferring new tracks is a breeze, so when you tire of your selection of Carol Decker's greatest hits, you can bang on something a little more contemporary, like Meatloaf.

      microphone closeup

      MP3 playback is all well and good, but it's no longer enough to grasp the attention of our tech-addled minds, so we've made sure there's no shortage of extras on the Mini-K. For starters there's a voice recorder that can store up to nine hours of 'notes to self' and has the ability to record conversations via that nifty mobile link. Then there's a five-mode equaliser, with settings to suit rock, classical, jazz, and pop, along with a 'normal' setting for when you want to hear things as nature, and the recording engineer, intended.

      Top and bottom views

      Ultra pocketable and ergonomically designed, the thoughtful layout of control buttons facilitates easy one-handed operation, meaning you can nonchalantly choose a soundtrack to suit whatever you happen to be doing with your free hand, whether it be wielding a brolly in the summer rain, holding a grande Mochaccino while sauntering down the High Street, or engaging in a swordfight to the death with a crazed, cutlass-wielding pirate - just three examples off the top of our heads. And all without missing any important phone calls!

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