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Mini Icon Canvas
  • Mini Icon Canvas

Mini Icon Canvas

Holding out for a hero?

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Gandalf and Michael Keaton (Batman) canvas prints - view here


    Mini Icon Canvas

    Signed artwork!

    Everyone looks up to someone, whether it's Darth Vader or Jimi Hendrix. But wouldn't it be good if you could look up to your heroes all the time? You can with a Mini Icon Canvas. These high-quality 20cmx20cm prints might be small but they're guaranteed to create maximum impact in any scenario.

    Mini Icon Canvas

    High quality print

    Each eye-catching pop arty-style image is printed on premium canvas stretched over a sturdy wooden frame. And before you ask - no, we don't do an H from Steps one. We do, however, do ones depicting icons of cool such as David Bowie, Superman, Mr Spock and Gandalf.

    Mini Icon Canvas

    Liven up any boring wall

    We confess that when we first heard about these mini masterpieces we thought they were classy prints of diminutive celebs like Ronnie Corbett and him off Fantasy Island. But no, it's the canvas itself that's mini - and that's mighty handy because it means you can admire your chosen icon without hogging the whole wall.

    Mini Icon Canvas

    Beatles Sgt. Pepper

    Jimi Hendrix

    David Bowie

    Mini Icon Canvas



    Darth Vader

    Mini Icon Canvas

    Audrey Hepburn

    New Gandalf


    Mini Icon Canvas

    New Michael Keaton

    Whichever Mini Icon Canvas you decide upon, your status as a style-savvy art-lover is assured. And because each canvas is about the size of a bathroom flannel (strange but true) you can buy a few and line them up, triptych styley. We're currently worshipping at the shrine of Audrey Hepburn, The Beatles and Mr Spock - highly illogical but most fascinating.

    If you love your pop art icons but hate tacky posters and cheapo postcard-style prints, Mini Icon Canvases are most definitely for you. So hurry up and get ordering while stocks last - small really is beautiful.

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