Mini Hottie Hand Warmer
  • Mini Hottie Hand Warmer

Mini Hottie Hand Warmer

Pocket-sized hot stuff

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    Mini Hottie Hand Warmer

    Activate the metal disc...

    Brrrr…it’s colder than a polar bear’s posterior out there. What you need is a nice hot water bottle. Thing is, you’d feel pretty strange hugging a normal size one at the bus stop – unless you were wearing a dressing gown, in which case you’d probably have a rubbery vessel full of warm liquid somewhere about your person anyway. We digress. The point we’re failing to make is that you need a Mini Hottie.

    Impossibly cute, this ingenious winter warmer is essentially a Hot Pack hand warmer disguised as a traditional hot water bottle. Simply squish the metal disc floating in its liquidy innards and a miraculous chemical reaction heats the wondrous goo to a toasty 130°F in about five seconds. Mmm…instant warmth.

    Mini Hottie Hand Warmer

    ...Feel the warmth!

    Just like a real hot water bottle you can use the Mini Hottie over and over again. To regenerate it simply pop the pack in boiling water until the goo re-liquifies, wait for it to cool, slip on its cover and hey presto – it’s ready to use again. Renewable energy? Not half.

    As well its kitschy novelty value, the Mini Hottie’s woolly cover helps conserve the pack’s warmth for up to 45 minutes, and also acts as a buffer for the heat. Best of all it feels soft, warm and remarkably comforting when you’re clutching it whilst trekking across the frozen tundra. Or waiting for the number 57 on a bitter Monday morning.

    Mini Hottie Hand Warmer

    Warm woolly cover

    With its heart-shaped motif, the Mini Hottie is a great present for loved ones who need warming up, frosty relatives, lonely teddies and icy outdoors types. You can even take it to bed with you or…well, we were about to go on about skiing, hiking and various wintry pursuits, but seeing as we only have about two warm days a year anyway, you might as well take it everywhere. Brrr-illiant!

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