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Mini Hornit

Get a buzz out of cycling

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  • Loaded with 25 fun sounds – bells, horns, vehicles and animals
  • Rubber wings allow you to easily clip it onto any bike or scooter
  • Highly durable and IP33 shower-proof
  • Super bright and beady LED eyes right – 12 lumen!
  • Batteries last for 7 hours on constant light mode
  • Attachable remote trigger, never take your hand off the handle bars


"Safety" isn't particularly cool in the eyes of most kids, and it's often an uphill struggle just to get them to wear a bicycle helmet. The Mini Hornit allows children to learn how to ride safely whilst having some some fun at the same time.

Using a pair of large rubber wings, this nifty little device easily clips onto the frame or handlebars of any bike or scooter. A couple of bright and beady LED eyes will light your way, and whilst there's the option of green, white, flashing or constant beams, there's a much-appreciated "lights off" switch so you don't have to scroll through all of the various options like other bike lights.

It's loaded with 25 fun sound effects to make pedestrians and drivers really take notice – everything from bells, dixie horns, vehicle and animal noises, even the classic "Pepe El Trompeta" so you can get people yelling "Olé!" as you pass them by. And with an attachable remote trigger you can activate these lively, attention-grabbing sounds without ever taking your hands off the handle bars!

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