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Mini Festival Seat
  • Mini Festival Seat

Mini Festival Seat

Plonk yourself anywhere

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    An animation of the seat folding down

    Up and down in seconds

    It took monkeys millions of years to walk upright and roam the savannahs of the primeval earth. Think of that – aeons of time spent on our poor feet. It’s incredible we’ve lasted this long without a decent folding seat! Luckily we’re here to save the day with this incredibly tough little chair that folds up tiny and lets you carry your own rest station anywhere you go.

    Weighing in at just 680g, the seat is about as light as they come. It’s strong too, because the entire structure relies on a clever system of tensioning straps. Once unfurled and secured, the straps keep the entire chair taut and rigid for as long as you need a break.

    The Mini Festival Seat folded up Putting the Mini Festival Seat into a backpack Sitting on the Mini Festival Seat

    Folded up

    Easily packed

    Camping in comfort!

    Able to take on 135kg at once, it’s sturdy enough to take on a relaxing rugby player just as easily as two or three ballerinas at once. Like the humans it loves to serve, our folding seat is versatility itself. The canvas seat is a comfy home for any bottom you care to caress it with!

    Attaching the bottom frames together

    Just pop the bottom frames together

    Thanks to its portable, sittable character, you won’t be leaving this behind when you leave the festival this summer. In fact we don’t think you’ll leave it behind anywhere, because it comes in so useful wherever you are. Fishing folk will enjoy taking a perch on one, beach bums nestle neatly on the seat, while picnickers won’t have to do it lying down anymore. It’s your essential bit of kit to keep the summer civilised, and your posterior will be grateful!

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