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Mini Cupcake Maker
  • Mini Cupcake Maker

Mini Cupcake Maker

Preheat, pour, wait...mmmm

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    Closed Cupcake Maker

    Cupcakes in 20 minutes!

    Thanks to the likes of Nigella, Sophie and Gordon (only joking Gordon), cupcakes are all the rage. But who can be bothered waiting around for their scrumptious treats? Not us. We use the Cupcake Maker.

    The ideal gift for impatient bakers, this mains-powered gizmo cooks seven yummy cupcakes in 20 minutes – no tins, trays or oven required. Simply preheat, pour your mix into the individual non-stick cavities and close the lid.



    Before you can suggestively lick your spoon and pout (well, three and a half minutes) you’ll have a whole heap of perfectly formed, evenly cooked cupcakes. Use the included recipes, shop-bought mixes or create your own.

    Take a few of your delicious creations to the office and we guarantee you’ll be hailed as a domestic goddess. Even if you’re a man. Sweet.

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